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You are the type of person who is always annoyingly happy and smiling even when it’s raining.

We are looking for people who want a career in hospitality and are not just looking for a stop gap job.

You’re the person working on the front line! You’re serving up the best coffee this side of the moon!

You are the person who remembers people’s drinks, you know where they’re going on holiday and you chase them down the road in the rain when they leave their debit card in the machine (doh!!).
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What about your ability to get things done quickly and to a high standard? *

Now, please read the following statement:

"Producing "wow" moments for customers is the first and most important job of an Urban employee"

What do you think of it?

Can you tell us more about your choice?

Give us an example where you have given a WoW moment to someone?

This is your chance to wow us. Don't waste it!
What do you think makes a company satisfying to work for?

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